Environmental Commitment

CRRU – Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

Pesky Critters has joined the register of Pest Control providers who are committed to the environment and who use Rodenticides in such a way that it does not impact wildlife or the area in which we work. We are very proud of this decision and feel that it is the responsibility of any company that handles lethal poisons to ensure that only the target species is affected. The register is called the Campaign For Responsible Rodenticide use.

CRRU has developed a good practice guide, for the purpose of responsible use of rodenticides, which we at Pesky Critters adhere by:

  • Always have a planned approach
  • Always record quantity of bait & where it is placed
  • Always use enough baiting points
  • Always collect and dispose of rodent bodies
  • Never leave bait exposed to non-target animals and birds
  • Never fail to inspect bait regularly
  • Never leave bait down at the end of the treatment

For more information visitĀ Think Wild LifeĀ