Odour Control

Pesky Critters Ltd is pleased to announce its odour control and rapid response service. Whilst we endeavour to control rodents in a way that they don’t die inside a property and decay there are some occasions when this cannot be avoided. As a response method we have enlisted a new gel based product that controls odours in a scientifc and high tech manner.

This is a moulded block of special absorbent polymer with millions of microscopic size cells which holds a concentrated odour counteractant; this counteractant is released gradually and uniformally into the air. The product is not just an air freshner, it is made to merge with and change the geometrics of odorous molecules in the air, so they will not be recognised as offensive when they reach the nose. This is a long lasting and cost-effective product and can be used to eliminate foul odours such as:


  • those from bacterial growth
  • decaying rodents
  • damp
  • blocked drains/ sewage
  • vomit
  • cooking
  • smoking
  • pets
  • chemicals
  • Or just use as a general air freshner in your home or business


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