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Cameron King are an established estate and letting agents in Slough, Berkshire with an established and expanding client base. We had a problem in one of our lets where the tenants could hear banging and scratching coming from the upper part of the house during the night. This was causing a great deal of stress to our tenants. We enlisted the help of Zack from Pesky Critters Ltd to investigate the problem. From the off we found them professional, helpful and well turned out. They looked at the problem and dealt with it with patience, diligence and complete professionalism from grass roots level. Working with my tenants and the landlord of the property the rodent problem was quickly and efficiently brought under control. They also worked with the landlords builder to advise on best practice with regard to rodent proofing to prevent a re-infestation occurring.

Great customer service, competitive rates and a tailor made service. Cameron King will definitely be using Pesky Critters Ltd in the future.
Mr Steve Jackson, Cameron King Estate & Letting Agents, Slough, Berkshire


Friendly, quick, explained the process clearly. Perfect service. Our wasps are now gone. Will definitely use again. Thanks very much Zack.
Lucy Cannon, Teddington


We had mice in our home; our letting agent called in Pesky Critters to investigate. The problem was quickly brought under control. Great service, friendly, informative and professional. Definitely recommend and use again in the future.
J Blakes, Alexander Road, Reading


We called in Pesky Critters after we found rats had taken up residence in our home. We are an elderly couple and due to our age we couldn’t pick up the usual noises that rodents make when they begin to infest a property. By the time we realised we had a problem the lower half of our house was seriously infested with large rats. It is no exaggeration that we ended up almost living in a rats nest. We were waking up at night to find rats in our sitting room as well as sitting on our sofas with no apparent fear of us. We were afraid, worried and confused but that all vanished when Zack turned up. He was polite, helpful, a true professional and worked very hard to solve our predicament. Pesky Critters not only eradicated a huge rat infestation they also cleared up the mess that the rodents had left. They blocked up the holes and completely refreshed our home. It took the a considerable amount of time to deal with a huge rat problem. As a result we expected a huge bill but were very impressed with how competitive the charges were. They were simply amazing, professional, excellent and above all customer service second to none. Highly recommended and we will miss Zack's weekly visits to our home.

Best of luck and thank you Pesky Critters for bringing peace to our home and our lives.
Roy and Emily Bradshaw, Liverpool Road, Reading

I found a sawdust type residue on my kitchen worktops everyday which I thought was caused by woodlice but when Zack came to inspect this it actually turned out to be hundreds of minute mites that came from a yam that was sitting on the top of our kitchen cupboards! Pesky Critters responded very quickly when I called them and Zack arrived within a couple of hours. He was very professional and knowledgeable as well as coming well prepared. He successfully treated the problem and gave me a call back to check that everything was ok. I am extremely happy with both the service and the outcome. I would highly recommend Pesky Critters. I hope don’t need to but if I have the need for pest control again then I will definitely be using Pesky Critters.
Ms Cousins, Slough

We recently had a problem at one of our student property lets with a rodent infestation. I spoke with my letting agent who highly recommended the services of Zack and his company. His knowledge and professionalism in this matter was amazing! I have never seen someone with so much passion in their work. I would highly recommend Zack to anyone who has a rodent or pest control issue. Thankyou Zack and all at Pesky Critters!
Opinder Kaushal, Reading

We rent a property, we had noises coming form the attic. It was keeping myself and my family up at night. Our landlord enlisted the help of Pesky Critters to investigate. They identified that a rodent was coming in from a hole in the roof, advised us on the plan of action and working with my landlord they solved the problem quickly and efficiently. The service was quick, efficient, professional, friendly and reassuring. Definitely recommend to family and friends.
Imran & Nighar Hafeez, Fanham Lane, Slough

Thank you Pesky Critters!! We had a problem with a neighbours garden which was so dirty and full of junk from the tenants !! It was causing rats to nest there! Not only did you get rid of the rodent problem but I don't know what you said to the neighbours .... The next day they had a skip there and the garden was cleared. Brilliant service and very professional, definitely recommend !!!!
Saira Majid, Imran Majid, Twickenham Road, Hounslow

Hi Zack, Just wanted to thank you again with dealing with our recent unwanted guest. Quick, assured and effective service is what's needed and that's what you provide at a very (too) reasonable cost. Hopefully will not need to use you guys again but if we do, we'll know who to call!
Jose Rodriguez, Slough

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of my family and me for saving us from those pesky critters. Thanks to your prompt help and support our house is now mice free.

We were very impressed by your professionalism and knowledge of your job. The way you responded from the first call until the last visit it was all very well conducted. We found you very helpful, professional and well informed about the whole process and thought the service was unto a high standard and worth every penny.

We wish you all the success for your business in future and hope that you would keep up the high standard of your work . I would recommend you to any one who need help with this. Good Luck and Thanks a million.
Sadaf Khwaja, Slough

Pesky Critters came to my aid after we found a large rat in our sitting room. I have two small children so it was a big worry.

Pesky Critters found that the rat was coming in from outside; took action and the problem was solved in less than three days.

Staff very polite, professional and approachable. Would recommend to family and friends.

Great company. Fair prices too.
Miss Debbie McKintosh, Meadowcroft Road, Whitley


Our home was infested with mice. The problem was so bad that we were seeing rodents during the day too. Pesky Critters came in and eradicated a major infestation in our house; and in particular in our attic where the mice were nesting.

Prompt service. Fair price. Friendly, professional staff. Would use again.
Mr Lau Chang Lee, Cardigan Road, Reading

I called Pesky Critters after I saw rats in the garden. The service was friendly and the work was of an excellent and efficient quality. The service was very professional and I was very pleased and impressed with the outcome. My garden is now free from rats. Thankyou.
Shamim Majid, Isleworth


After finding food being gnawed and a funny smell in our kitchen we decided to call in Pesky Critters to investigate. A rat nest was found under our washing machine and a hole leading up from the drain where the rats were coming in from. The problem was eradicated quickly by the technician who was friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
Great service. Competitive pricing. Would definitely use again.

Mrs Seung Bourne, Grange Avenue, Reading


We saw a rat in our bathroom one night and again in our kitchen the following day. I rent a small flat and my landlord enlisted Pesky Critters to investigate. The problem was eradicated very quickly but I was impressed by the emergency call out when a rat was trapped in a snap trap when my wife was home alone. Pesky Critters attended in under an hour on a weekend to dispatch it. They also worked with my landlord to fill the big holes in the walls under my kitchen units to stop the problem for good.
Great service. Great staff. Prompt and flawless service.
Mr John Iffey, London Road, Reading


We had a major rat infestation in our attic. Pesky Critters took care of it in 4 weeks. The rats were keeping us up awake at night, now we sleep in peace!! Great service, fabulous staff, helpful professional and nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommended. Customer service second to none.
Mr Norman James Rogers, Tavistock Road, Reading

I have had Pesky Critters in to deal with a rat infestation in my back garden, which was very persistent. Pesky Critters dealt with them extremely effectively and in my opinion, they gave a very competent and professional service! Sheila Holmes